ReportIT for File Conversion

Identifying the number of files involved in a Microsoft Office upgrade can be almost as challenging as the Office upgrade itself.

Solution for Office file conversion

ReportIT is a flexible tool designed for desktop reporting. It assists in making informed decisions about file discovery and potential files for Microsoft Office file conversion. ReportIT uses your XML output files from the discovery processes to generate reports and provides a window into the number, types, and condition of files. These reports provide managers with precise information to make informed decisions for Microsoft Office upgrade planning and execution.
Using ReportIT answers questions about:

  • How many Microsoft Office files and other files exist on the network
  • Where the files are stored
  • Based on numbers determines if the data migration for Microsoft Office file conversion applies to all Office files or just a subset
  • If only a subset, which files to include in a Microsoft Office file conversion

ReportIT offers numerous summary and detail to understand potential office compatibility issues. Reports include the following topics:

  • Links
  • ActiveX
  • VBA
  • Passwords
  • Add-Ins

Additionally, these reports may be used before and after a Microsoft Office file conversion.