ConverterTechnology’s solution to identify and resolve Microsoft Office compatibility deployment hurdles related to office upgrades is OfficeConverter. Using OfficeConverter tools and methods, program managers can collect and organize information that delivers precise and immediately actionable decision items to Office upgrade planners. The quality of data about an enterprises’ file landscape and information on the nature of file use and their role in supporting business processes can significantly affect the scope and logistics of document conversion or database conversion. In turn, the project scope and logistics directly affect the risks, costs, and timelines that the project entails. Much of the information OfficeConverter derives from file analysis is intended for project scoping in advance of automated scanning and converting files for Microsoft Office compatibility on the Office 2016 (or Office 365) platform. OfficeConverter is also available for Office 2013 and earlier versions.

Applications supported by OfficeConverter 2016 include:

  • Microsoft Access for upgrade to Access 2016
  • Microsoft Excel for upgrade to Excel 2016
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for upgrade to PowerPoint2016
  • Microsoft Word for upgrade to Word 2016

What OfficeConverter Does

OfficeConverter 2016 performs three essential tasks that will lead to a fast, efficient and well-managed Office 2016 deployment and file upgrade:

File Discovery – Locates existing files

File Analysis – Identifies the amount of files needing repair and file upgrade

Bulk File Conversion and Code Repair – Convert files for a Microsoft Office upgrade to fix broken links, etc.

As part of the file analysis process, OfficeConverter looks for the following potential Office 2016 deployment hurdles:

  1. VBA code incompatibility and hidden commands
  2. 32 bit API calls that need to be converted to the 64 bit format
  3. Microsoft broken links and references
  4. Undocumented compatibility issues
  5. Unsupported file types and changed functionality
  6. Password protection and file security issues
  7. Add-ins
  8. Fixing broken Excel links, charting problems and row range issues
  9. Potential issues related to mixed platform co-existence