DiscoverIT for Office Upgrades

Defining the scope of a Microsoft Office upgrade can be almost as challenging as the Office upgrade itself.

Questions to ask include the following:

  • How many Microsoft Office files exist on the network?
  • Do we know where all of the files are stored?
  • Should data migration for Microsoft Office file conversion apply to all Office files or just a subset?
  • If only a subset, how do we decide which files should be included in a Microsoft Office file conversion?

These are just some of the questions that must be answered to help make a new Microsoft Office file conversion as smooth and painless as possible. DiscoverIT is designed to answer these and many other questions about the file landscape.

Some of the main features of DiscoverIT include:

  • Multi-threading – discover, or copy, multiple file shares from the same machine simultaneously
  • Ability to define task templates to help create multiple discovery or copy using the same set of settings
  • Results are output to an XML file which can be imported into ReportIT Desktop for detailed reporting or used to register files with OfficeConverter
  • Optionally, discover or ignore files and folders flagged as “hidden”
  • Specify folders to ignore during the file discovery process
  • Copy files, including files with a long file path, to a lab environment for a Microsoft Office file conversion or to a new network location to consolidate servers
  • Schedule discovery and copy tasks to run during off peak hours (overnight or weekends)
  • Send email when discovery and copy tasks complete

DiscoverIT collects the following information from all of the files on the network:

  • File owner
  • Creation, last modified, last accessed date
  • File size
  • Access version (for Microsoft Access only)

Additionally, DiscoverIT collects the following information from Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word files to determine whether or not the file contains:

  • VBA code
  • Links (to potentially identify Microsoft broken links)
  • Passwords
  • Charts