Empowering users

Click2Fix is a web portal application that is designed to reduce the IT workload by empowering desktop users. Instead of expecting the IT team to know which files are important to each user, Click2Fix enables users to select the files that are important to them, upload the files to IT and track the status of their files through a single web site.


  • Each user can only access and view information about their own files
  • Limit the files that can be uploaded by last modified date, file size or type of file (by file extension)
  • Limit the number of files that can be uploaded at one time
  • Automatically generates an email to the IT team each time a user uploads files
  • Automatically generates an email to the user when then converted files are ready for downloading
  • Automatically delete files from the server when a user downloads
  • Users can view the status of files that they have uploaded
  • Red, Amber, Green (RAG) status reporting for each file that has been converted


  • Users only have access to the files that they upload
  • Users are automatically provided detailed reports listing all compatibility issues in their files and what changes were made to the files
  • Reduce the scope of the migration by empowering users to submit only the files that are important in their day-to-day tasks

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