Discover the Benefits of DiscoverIT

DiscoverIT is a tool offered for making your Microsoft Office upgrades simple. If you’ve ever updated Office on a single computer, you may think it’s a simple task. However, when the upgrade happens on an enterprise level across multiple networks, it becomes much more complicated. Luckily, Converter Technology offers the tools to make this easier for you.

Before starting a Microsoft Office upgrade for your business, ask yourself if you know where every single Office file is stored on your network. With multiple employees accessing a network, each using their own unique naming and saving system for data, it can be extremely difficult to find them all. This can lead to necessary files being overlooked in an upgrade, which will create costly setbacks later on. DiscoverIT is the answer to this question—you can use it to find every file on the network before starting your upgrade.

Using DiscoverIT, you’ll be able to get an XML file showing you all the files in your network, including their author and where they are stored. You’ll also know if these files have any valuable information such as links or passwords. This means that using this tool will allow you to plan your Microsoft Office upgrade more precisely.

DiscoverIT is easy to use and gives you a simple report of all files in your network. You can either use it to start your migration or upgrade on the right foot, or simply use it to understand what data is on your system.

Contact us today to make your Microsoft Office upgrade more efficient. Besides DiscoverIT, we have plenty of tools that are perfect for your upgrade or migration needs. Use some or all of these tools to make your migration more manageable, and contact Converter Technology for assistance making sure your migration or upgrade goes smoothly.