Common Mistakes During a Windows7 Migration

Migrating to Windows 7 isn’t a fast and easy process. Many companies delay their migration because of various factors such as compatibility issues or budget. The number of companies switching to Windows 7 is increasing due to the fact that Microsoft is ending support for XP and the operating system seems to be preferable to […]

Migration Challenges Companies Should Anticipate

Changes in the IT world are happening fast – therefore a migration will most likely happen in your organization. Because of this IT departments planning for migration projects should first thoroughly test the deployment and then roll-out to the business units. With any migration there will be challenges that companies may face: Putting a migration […]

Key Stages of a Successful Office or Windows Migration

Now that the end of support for Windows XP and Office 2003 is approaching (April 2014), companies should accelerate their plans to migrate to a new version of Windows (7 or 8) and Office (2010 or 2013). Even if it looks that there is still time, an enterprise deployment can take 18 to 32 months […]

Security concerns for Windows Migrations

The urge to “get the job done” is a powerful one, and when the job is a Windows migration the pressure to “do what it takes” often results in security policies being overlooked or even suspended. At the same time, migrations are particularly susceptible to temporary security lapses, and “creative” solutions are often used to […]

Can Windows 8 be adopted by the enterprise?

Windows 8 came with new features and improvements, however it seems that Windows 8 is more suitable for consumers than enterprises. Market research firm Gartner reports that 90% of global enterprises will avoid adopting Windows 8 and stick with Windows 7. Windows 8 does incorporate new features that a business may find attractive and could […]

Windows 7 Migration Challenges for Large Enterprises

Forrester Consulting recently completed an online survey regarding the migration plan to Windows 7 in which 200 large organizations in the US, Canada, and UK participated. The study found that 93% of the companies planned on completing their enterprise wide migrations before 2014. IT managers worldwide are facing a hard deadline to completely remove Windows […]

Why small businesses should migrate to Windows7

Although the final version of Windows 8 is publicly available, most organizations plan to upgrade to Windows 7., a large Windows 8 help and support forum recently polled 50,000 users to know their favorite Windows operating system and the majority preferred Windows 7. Another recent research polled 330 IT professionals on their experiences, expectations […]

To migrate or not to migrate? Benefits and risks for enterprise migration

Enterprises are constantly searching for ways to improve their business, but sometimes these new opportunities can really affect a company, especially when it comes to the IT infrastructure and the migration of important applications and databases to a new environment. If implemented correctly, the migration process can have real benefits, advantages and rewards for the […]

Enterprises Not So Ready For the ‘Enterprise Ready’ Windows 8

Following the unveiling of Windows 8 an explosion of reviews, rumors and opinions spread all over the Internet. Enterprises are, no doubt, looking at the new OS and understand that upgrading to newer software versions is never easy. The whole process must be planned and looked at from different perspectives. It looks like Microsoft is […]

Will Windows users easily accept the new Metro UI?

In a previous blog I discussed how enterprises might choose between Windows 7 and Windows 8. In this blog we are going to go into more detail regarding the new OS introduced by Microsoft, Windows 8, both in terms of adoption, and user acceptance. In the corporate world, Gartner predicts that Windows 7 will be […]