Calculating the costs for an enterprise-wide migration to Office 2010

In our latest blog article we discussed the need for planning when it comes to an enterprise-wide migration to Office 2010. In this article we discuss the importance of calculating costs when planning for an enterprise-wide migration. Being ahead of the competition is a goal of nearly every organization. Implementing the latest software in order […]

The Hidden Problem of a Microsoft Office Upgrade

Enterprise upgrades to newer versions of Microsoft Office can be problematic. There are things that can, and sometime do, go wrong during an upgrade, and one of the most common are broken links within documents. To add complexity to the situation, the links that usually break during the upgrade tend to be the most complex […]

The Lost Tribe

OK, so your organization has gone through the trials and tribulations of an Office 2010 upgrade. After months of planning, discovery, testing, file remediation, Office Ribbon training and, finally, deployment, the IT team is taking a well-deserved breather. Your entire organization is up on Office 2010. Mission accomplished. But wait!  There’s still a group that’s […]

Tips to reduce risks, costs and downtime while improving accuracy and productivity

With the economy recovering and the recent releases of Windows 7 and Microsoft® Office 2010, 2011 is expected to be the biggest technology upgrade since Y2K. Therefore, Microsoft migrations are expected to spike significantly in the coming year.  The key to a successful desktop transformation is to properly plan and test throughout the process, to […]

5 ways to screw up your enterprise-wide Microsoft Office upgrade

Forrester analyst Sheri McLeish was our guest presenter in a recent webinar titled Are you ready for Office 2010? She said that while there are more high quality alternatives to Microsoft Office than ever before – such as Star Office, OpenOffice and Google Docs – most enterprises remain strongly committed to Microsoft’s platforms. Specifically, 81% […]

Sparklines: Who’s really shining?

Analyzing the data contained in an Excel spreadsheet can be overwhelming at times. A quick glance at the sales figures for the past month or quarter can tell you where a division is currenlty but doesn’t provide any information about whether that division is trending up or down. New to Excel 2010 are “Sparklines”, mini […]

Going “Backstage” in MS Office 2010

One of the first things I noticed when using Microsoft Office 2010 was a new tab on the ribbon titled “File.” Microsoft refers to this (on the product itself or in general?) as “Backstage.” File provides access to the commands I was used to finding under the File menu in Office 2003 such as printing, […]

Microsoft Launched Microsoft Office 2010 on May 12

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be blogging about new features in Office 2010 that your users should be aware. They may not be the sexiest ones but they’re ones that will help drive efficiency and productivity while helping your organization derive the biggest bang from its investment in this new suite of applications.  Come […]

Avoid pitfalls with Office 2010 64-bit Compatibilty

Office 2010 will be available in both a 32-bit and 64-bit version , so customers are asking “which version should my organization use?”Since many companies have more and more 64-bit systems deployed as they go through regular hardware upgrades, it would seem the logical choice would be to move to the 64-bit version of Office […]