Migrating Microsoft Office Files to the Cloud

In previous blogs we’ve discussed the pros and cons for large enterprises considering a move to the cloud. But what about data migration, what factors need to be considered when migrating Microsoft Office Files to the cloud? Lately, there has been an increased level of attention given to this topic. The concerns range from how […]

Why Enterprises are slow to move to the Cloud

It wasn’t too long ago that cloud computing was considered to be the next big thing. Now cloud computing is considered commonplace. Although all major analyst companies and people who have already implemented cloud computing keep touting its benefits, such as reduced capital expenditures, security, scalability and performance, large enterprises who are intrinsically more reluctant […]

Upgrading Clouding Your Thoughts?

There has been a great deal of interest in cloud computing and, in terms of Microsoft Office, migrating to the cloud (such as Office 365 Suite and GoogleDocs) and implementing desktop virtualization has many perceived benefits such as cost reduction, scalability, reliability, and some might argue, better security. Preparing for a cloud migration may require […]

Creating Word Documents in Google Docs

One of the first things I realized when I began looking at Google Docs was how deeply enmeshed I have been in Microsoft Word over the years. The technical differences, such as fewer font options with Google Docs, I had expected. The impact it had on how I use a word processing tool was a […]