Your business critical files are also the hardest to migrate.

Microsoft migrations can be a challenge.Organizations can have millions of files critical to the business. Our M3 solution finds and migrates those files fast, so you can get back to work.

Cost-effective, rapid pathway for your Access to SQL Migrations.

M3 for Access, powered by 2SQL, migrates your complex, mission-critical databases from Microsoft Access to SQL in a fraction of the time and cost than if done manually.

Find the "bad guys" on your network before they cause trouble.

Detect DDos attacks, botnets, brute force attempts, suspicious data movement, and unusual network traffic.M3 for Data Security, powered by FlowTraq, real-time monitoring.

Manage your company's risk for documents, desktops and data.

Our M3 solutions offer 360º coverage of your organization's risk, from migrating Microsoft Office documents and databases to monitoring your network for attacks.

  • M3 for Office
  • M3 for Access
  • M3 for Security
  • Reduce Company Risk
Reducing Enterprise Risk Across the Entire Technology Spectrum   Read More

For over 15 years, ConverterTechnology has effectively managed the risk associated with enterprise-wide Microsoft Office and Windows migrations with their innovative suite of tools. Today, ConverterTechnology continues to expand its offerings around data risk management to include operating system upgrades and network data security. We've helped hundreds of  government organizations, global financial institutions, Fortune 500 and pharmaceutical companies manage the risk across the entire technology spectrum - from desktop to network.

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